Domino Brass are the producers of the finest range of solid cast brass fittings. Australian, family-owned and operated since 1981. Our range comprises of over 21,000 off-the-shelf, customisable, architectural fittings available in a range of finishes including aged brass, antique bronze, satin nickel, satin chrome, bright chrome and black powder coating. Also available in lacquered or un-lacquered polished brass finish.

Group 3

C'tmp Knob Assembly : K12-P1000
C'tmp Knob Assembly : K12-P1810
C'tmp Knob Assembly : K12-P2324

C'tmp Knob Assembly : K12-P2430
C'tmp Knob Assembly : K12-P6170
Contemp. Knob Assembly : K12-P8490

Contemp. Knob Assembly: K12-P8190
Contemp. Knob Assembly: K12-P8300
Verve Knob Assembly: K14-P2430

Contemp. Knob Assembly : K14-P8490
Contemp. Knob Assembly: K14-P8670
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P1814

Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2110
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2151
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2170

Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2185
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2310
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P2330

Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P7290
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P8460
Verve Knob Ass. : K14-P9600

Contemp. Knob Assembly: K18-P8490
C'tmp Knob Assembly : K72-P2324