Handy Hints

General Layout
The site is organised according to “Sections”,“Categories” and Sub-catagoires. Each sub-category shows images of the available fittings. By clicking on the image, you can view:

  • Information such as code, dimensions, finishes etc.

  • Images of the fitting in “other” finishes in which the fitting is available.

  • An enlarged image of the item.


If you know the “Code” of the fitting you are after, use the “search” box at top of page to gain quick access to the details.

Filter Results by Finish
Exceptions apart, most of the main images are in Polished Brass. Many fittings are also available in other finishes. You can “filter” the range by selecting a finish. In doing so, the section will only display images of those items which are available in the “selected” finish.  By clicking on the main image, you can view the fitting in its other available finishes.

Ask a Question About This Product
If you need any further information about the product, click, describe your query and we will respond promptly.

Get quote
Fill in the required quantities in “Get Quote” box for each fitting as you go along & your requirements will be collected in “Quote list”. “Submit” the list and we will be happy to get back to you with answers to your queries.

With the exception of The “Re-Creation” range, as a rule, we carry the remainder of our range in stock and generally your requirements can be supplied within days. "Re-Creations" range can be manufactured and supplied within 6 to 12 weeks.

Images of all door furniture are shown without any keyhole. Codes accompanying images show a variety of “Keyholes” which can be machined. If you cannot find a keyhole to your lock here, don’t worry, we can machine plates to suit most available locks.

Material : Solid Brass Castings
Most of the fittings commonly available in the market are made from press metal stampings or inferior Zinc die castings. Unless mentioned otherwise, all our fittings are manufactured from solid Brass castings.

Plated Finishes
In addition to the "Standard" finishes - shown along with the respective images - we can also supply fittings in "other" finishes as per your specifications. Please contact us for further information.

Reproductions from originals supplied by you
We have over two generations of experience in manufacturing intricate and fine decorative sand castings. In this age of mass production, we are happy to produce fittings in small quantities to suit your needs. Re-producing fittings from originals supplied by you - the customer -  has been the main-stay of our business. We welcome your inquiries.

At Domino Brass, we continually strive to evaluate our customers’ needs and endeavour to answer your queries as soon as possible. We would be grateful to receive any suggestions to improve usefulness of this site.