Cont'mp Lever Assembly: L280-P3400

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Code               Plate
L280-P3420    150x45
L280-P3430    200x35
L280-P3440    200x45 (As shown)
L280-P3450    240x35
L280-P3460    240x45
L280-P3470    240x63
L280-P3480    272x72
L280-P3490    300x63
L280-P3494    350x45
L280-P3495    350x63
L280-P3497    450x63

Lever 65 mm
Projection 54 mm

Unit : Set
Material : Solid Cast Brass
Also available on matching:
Furniture plate series:   P3400
Push plate series:         3400
and as Flush pull:         3460-FP

Design your own Door Furniture Assemblies
Any Contemporary Knob or Lever can be assembled on any Contemporary, Verve or Re-Creations Door Furniture plate and supplied with/without a keyhole and/or a privacy snib as per your specifications.

Visit the "Interchangeable Parts" section, simply select your own Knob/Lever and a Plate combination and we will assemble it for you.
Customised finishes:
Powder coated black
Aged Brass
Un-lacquered Brass

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