Classic Knob Assembly : K203-P1810

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Code               Plate
K203-P1810    196x58
K203-P1814    265x64
K203-P1815    320x82
K203-P1816    450x85   shown

Knob 57 mm
Projection 59 mm

Unit: Pair
Material: Solid Cast Brass

Customised to your specifications

Design your own Door Furniture Assemblies
Any Classic Knob or Lever can be assembled on any Classic or Contemporary Door Furniture plate and supplied with/without a keyhole and/or a privacy snib as per your specifications.

Visit the "Interchangeable Parts" section, simply select your own Knob/Lever and a Plate combination and we will assemble it for you.

Customised Finishes
Powder Coated Black
Aged Brass
Un-lacquered Brass


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