Why Choose Domino?

The reasons are 10 fold:

  1. We are manufacturers and not simply re-sellers of a product. This means that our technical and hands-on approach to every aspect of manufacturing is done under our supervision. We not only have the know-how – we are the know-how.
  2. We are an Australian, family owned and operated company that has been servicing the Australian market for over 40 years. Buy Aussie!
  3. As a small family business you are working directly with the owners. The hands on experience we offer is second to none. At Domino you are not just a number being looked after by someone 10 tiers down the corporate tree. Every one of our jobs are being overseen and cared for by the people who run this company.
  4. We are doing our bit for the planet. All of our pieces are made from re-cycled brass. What does this mean? Environmentally, metals do not break down. All engineering components are made from pure (virgin) metals. When these components become obsolete and are no longer in use (for example, shipping propellers) the metals from these parts are recycled by us, and form the basis of the brass used in our range.
  5. Our pieces are made from solid brass castings – not a pressed tin sheet or folded steel. To see and touch our products is to behold this difference. Our pieces are heavy, built to last. We refuse to thin out our pieces and sacrifice both form and function for the sake of economy. The solid weight of our products, is testament to the two L’s we stand by; luxe and longevity.
  6. Our pieces are interchangeable giving you the opportunity to be involved in the design process of your own home. We are always hearing our customers say they are sick of seeing the same styles of door furniture everywhere. Looking for something different? Look no further.
  7. As manufacturers and not merely distributors of product we have the ability to reproduce pieces from your heritage originals OR, custom manufacture pieces specific to your project. Contact us to know more.
  8. Our pieces will never seize or rust. This is because the internal components of each Domino product is made using stainless steel pins, springs, washers etc. Furthermore, the housing in our door furniture spring systems make it very difficult for moisture or environmental factors to penetrate and cause problems. If they do, our stainless steel components will withstand.
  9. Our product offering is the largest and most versatile on the market allowing you to ensure seamless continuity in finish, design and size for all your architectural hardware requirements. From the numbers on the front of your home, through to your drapery, joinery hardware, bathroom fittings and door handles – we do it all.
  10. Design service – we offer complimentary scheduling and design selection for your project. Tell us the ‘vibe’ you are looking for and we can do all the hard work for you. From hinges, to door stops, joinery handles, door hardware, bathroom ware and drapery fittings – we can schedule all the pieces required for your home.

I live by the ocean, will your handles work in my environment?

Bayside areas present the harshest climatic conditions not only for architectural hardware but all elements of you home build. From the timbers used to the humble hot water system – none of these thrive in a beachfront environment. The sand, salt and winds will impact your door handles in appearance but not in functionality. For reasoning as to why the appearance may be impacted, please refer to info under the ‘will brass tarnish’ FAQ. In regards to functionality, because the internal mechanisms, pins and springs of our pieces are all made from stainless steel you can rest safe in knowing your Domino hardware will not seize or rust in a bayside environment.

Do you punch keyholes?

Yes! Our pieces can be used with any lock on the Australian market. We can mill our plates to suit any lock or keyhole combination you may have. Contact us for further information or refer to the Notes on Door Furniture section of our website.

I have an old hardware piece. Can you make reproductions of something I have?

As manufacturers of our product, we sure can! Contact us for further information on how we can make this happen.

What is a door furniture set?

Door knobs and door levers are sold in pairs commonly referred to in the industry as ‘sets’. Conversely, door pulls or pull handles are sold as single pieces.

Domino handing: left or right?

Door lever handing can be determined differently across brands. We determine our lefts and rights by keeping things simple: if you are look at a handle and the lever is pointing to the left then we deem it a left handed handle. Similarly, if you are look at a handle and the lever is pointing to the right, we regard it as a right handed handle. Easy enough?