Why Choose a Domino Brass product?

Why choose Domino over the others?
All items produced by Domino are made from solid cast brass  and then plated in a variety of finishes. Unlike our competition, there are no pressed metal or cheap zinc die-cast items in our range of hardware.

What is the difference between a solid cast product and a pressed metal Item?
Solid cast items are noticeably different – visually and esthetically. To put it simply, a solid cast piece looks and feels better when compared with the tinny feel of a pressed sheet metal item – akin to comparing the weight of a glass bottle to that of an aluminum can. Naturally a solid piece is stronger, more robust and longer lasting than a pressed item. This is particularly important when it comes to the functionality of an item. For example, when using door hardware on a daily basis, the pressure of pulling, pushing and turning action is exerted on the boss, the seat in which the handle rests. In pressed metal door handles, boss is clipped onto the plate. With use, such clips come away lifting off the plate itself thereby rendering the door handle sets useless.

Do Domino door handles have a ball bearing mechanism?
The simple answer – No! In everyday life, a ball bearing is used in things such as power tools, automotive and aeronautical assemblies subjected to high axial and radial loads involving an incredibly high number of revolutions per minute.  A door handle never rotates more than 1/3 rd of a revolution. The use of ball bearings in door furniture is absolutely superfluous – having no impact on its functionality. Indeed, in due course, rusted steel balls seize and affect the smooth operation of the door handle.

The Domino range of architectural hardware is the most versatile range on the market
Through precision manufacturing and tight dimensional control, we are able to customise the range according to individual tastes. Our market research as home owners ourselves shows people are tired of seeing the same handles in every home/store. With interchangeability of parts, over five finishes, 37 levers, 115 knobs and 222 plates in our door furniture range, you are free to create your own unique designs. This also allows us to offer door furniture assemblies in dual finishes. For example, bright chrome knob/lever on a satin chrome backplate.

Protective coatings
Domino Brass insists on using baked enamel lacquer in the protection of its fittings to ensure durability. Alternate brands in the market use basic spray-on air-drying lacquer with extremely poor chemical and wear resistance. Our baked enamel lacquer coating ensures excellent durability and aesthetic appeal. Please refer to the warranties section for further information.