Notes on Door Furniture

Standard Door Handles
This site displays images of over 5000 "standard" door handles in various designs, sizes and finishes. If you want a design other than the ones shown here, we invite you to create your own by combining any of our door knobs, levers, handles and plates to suit your imagination.

We are happy to help you design-your-own door furniture!
We are manufacturers, not mere buyers and sellers. With interchange-ability of our components, we are the most versatile on the market.

  • Any Contemporary knob or lever can be assembled on any Contemporary furniture plate or any push plate.
  • Any Classic knob can be assembled on any Classic or Contemporary furniture plate or any push plate.
  • Any Classic lever can be assembled on any Classic furniture plate or push plate.
  • Any Classic or Contemporary knob or lever can be assembled on any push plate.
  • Any Classic or Contemporary furniture plate or push plate can be modified as a Flush pull.
  • Any rear-fixing pull handle can be assembled on any push plate.

Coupled with a number of finishes – Polished Brass, Antique Bronze, Bright Chrome, Brushed Satin Chrome and Nickel plated finish - and keyholes to suit any lock on the market, you, the buyer, have the ability to create unique designs to suit your own taste. 

As a complimentary service, if you have designed an assembly of your own and would like to see an actual image of the assembly before finalising an order, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to take a picture of the assembly and email it to you. We would be delighted to provide any clarifications or additional information you may wish to have.

We can machine keyholes in back plates to suit any lock on the market. Just provide us with make and model number of the lock. Alternatively, refer to the image shown below and specify a) Keyhole Profile and b) Centre distance.

lever handing

Privacy Snib
Unless specified otherwise, fittings ordered with privacy snib are supplied with snib code 110 which is fitted at a centre distance of 57.0 mm. On request, we can instead supply privacy snibs design 108 or 109 at no extra cost.

Other finishes
The finishes shown with the images are what we term as "standard" finishes. With exception of fittings shown under our "Re-Creation" range, we carry shelf stocks in "standard finishes". If you prefer to have fittings in any "other" finish, you can get them plated from your local plater. If the quantities are reasonably large and you have the time, we can get them plated in our overseas plant for you. Needless to say, the quality of plating done in our plant far exceeds the quality you can get from a local plater doing odd jobbing work. 

What is a door furniture “set”?
At Domino, a set consists of two halves. For Knob furniture, both halves are identical. In Lever furniture, one half comes with a left hand and the other half with a right hand lever.

Is it a left hand lever or a right hand lever?
At Domino, a left hand lever is one where the lever points to the left. Similarly, a right hand lever is one that points to the right. Please note the above when ordering half sets.

lever handing