Notes on Antique Bronze Finish

Antique Bronze finish – superficial variations
Domino fittings in the antique Bronze finish are made from solid Brass castings or extruded sections. Antique Bronzing is a plating process.

According to The Metal's Handbook - the authoritative journal on the subject - the process itself is termed "Bluing". Brass fittings – with required surface finish and preparation – are first plated in copper and then plated in a chemical solution to give the desired rustic appearance. 

Even a miniscule varitation in composition of Brass, temperature of the plating solution and ambivient temperature - when fittings are dried after plating - cause variation in the tint. The resulting finish can vary in colour from dark black to deep brown and an assortment of shades of colours in between including purple and deep blue.With exposure to atmosphere – the ageing process – over a period of a few months, these superficial variations in tints disappear – leaving behind a beautiful rustic antique appearance.

Therefore when you buy antique bronze fittings, the appearance can and, indeed, will vary from batch to batch and even from piece to piece.  Demanding a uniform colour/appearance on all individual fittings will be akin to demanding a number of natural timber pieces with identical grain pattern which can not be guaranteed.

The variation in color of fittings in antique bronze finish on our display boards represents the real color after they have been exposed to the atmosphere over a few months. These variations in color, we believe, add a touch of authenticity to the finish.

Our antique bronze fittings are supplied in an un-lacquered condition with minimal highlighting (exposed Copper). Judicious (gentle) use of fine steel wool or “scotch-brite” type scourers enables the user to further highlight the fittings - in minutes - to suit individual taste.