Notes on intricate decorative castings

As-cast surface areas

Historically, period fittings have been made from pressed metal. Many from steel sheets which are then plated in required finishes. Over the years, many of our customers requested that we reproduce these designs in fine but solid Brass Castings. In this age of mass production, the intricacies of fine details in such designs - to be made in solid castings - would pose a challenge to foundrymen any where in the world.

Our family tradition of making the finest castings prompted us to accept this challenge. We have invested years in making patterns from original samples to incorporate the finer details. Pleased with the results, we have been delighted with our customers' compliments.

The intricacies of many ornate designs pose problems in the polishing of every nook and cranny of the castings. We - at Domino Brass - hand cast these fittings in smaller batches. We exceed the limits of commercially produced castings. Where possible, we even scrape castings with fine tools to obtain the finest finish. Some areas, however, are bound to retain as-cast finish. This must be accepted as a limitation of the design and casting process itself.

You, the buyer, have a choice. Accept the mass produced, cheap, sheet metal copies with washed-out designs, in glossy finish, restricted to limited designs available at every corner shop or, select freely from a range of finer-than-the-original reproductions in solid Brass castings.


as-cast surfaces