Intricate Decorative Casting

The Intricacies of Decorative Castings

Historically, period-style fittings were always made from pressed metal or steel sheet. Many of our competitors continue to make their reproductions this way. The problems that arise when using pressed tin sheet in the manufacture of architectural hardware are many. Primarily it is the longevity of the piece that is compromised – put simply, it just wont last.

At Domino we do not just play follow the leader – we take the lead. We wanted to ensure we could capture the intricacies of the designs from yesteryear and pair these with a durability fit for modern day use. In an age dominated by mass production and mechanistic methods we continue to believe in the value of ‘handmade’. Whilst our factories are amongst the most modern manufacturing facilities we place great value in training our artisans, our people. Using generation’s old techniques, our artisans are gifted in the art of hand finishing of each piece with the finest of tools previously reserved for the jewelling families of generations past.

In a world of homogenized mass-production, we have been able to successfully reproduce the world’s most intricate patterns as solid brass castings that last. Naturally, there are areas of any given design that cannot be accessed by even the finest of tools. Those un-touched areas prove a nod to man’s limits. There is a perfection in those slightly imperfect details that renders these items simply beautiful.