How do I get a quote?

Once you know the pieces you are interested in, you can simply send us an email through the ‘contact us’ page. Alternatively, when browsing through the range there is an option to ‘Get a Quote’. If you select this button for each fitting of interest as you browse, your selections will be added to your ‘Spec Sheet’. Once finished, simply review your Spec Sheet and press ‘Submit’. A member of our team will endeavour to respond to your enquiry with 24-48 hours of its receipt.

How do I know if what I want is in stock?

A majority of our range is kept in stock in our Melbourne distribution centre. Any ‘special order’ items can be manufactured and supplied within 8-12 weeks after receiving a confirmed order. Those pieces that are being custom finished require generally between 5-10 working days to be completed. For a more accurate, and up to date time frame on any special orders please send us an email with your enquiry.

How do I care for my brass fittings?

Brass is antimicrobial – this means that any germs that lay on the surface of brass die within days. As such, there is no need to use soaps or harsh chemicals to care for your brass. To clear away smudge marks, or fingerprints simply use a damp microfibre cloth. For the Antique bronze finish we suggest little to no upkeep required as harsh rubbing of this finish can cause a change in hue. For those reflective finishes a wax based cleaner like Mr Sheen can be used to achieve that mirror finish.

Will brass tarnish?

Brass is a sensitive material that will react to its environment readily. When ordering items made from brass one should always be aware that patina is a natural condition that will eventually occur on all such items. To extend the ‘life’ of your brass items we use a baked enamel lacquer as a protectant.
This lacquer is far superior to the air-drying coatings found in the market. Even so, lacquer will break down. How long this process will take is anyone’s guess. Environmental factors such as pollution, acids, soaps, perfumes, scratches and even ones sweat can impact the life of lacquer. To date there is no one fool-proof lacquer that has been developed with the ability to keep brass ‘brassy’ for an extended period of time.

Plated finishes are a thin layer of metal that are electrophoretic applied on top of the brass material. These do make the brass substantially more durable however, even here there are no guarantees. It is for these reasons that no one brand on the market will warrant against patina, finish discolouration or deterioration.