Plated Finishes

Plated finishes are simply a covering layer of metal that have been applied to a brass surface. We offer several off-the-shelf, plated finishes in our range as standard. To keep up with changing interior trends we also offer an array of custom finishes and treatments.

Standard finishes

Polished Brass (PB)

Polished brass (PB): A shiny, mirrored finish on a solid brass surface that has been coated with a baked enamel lacquer. A baked enamel lacquer is a clear coating that offers a lux sheen and a superior durability over conventional lacquers.

Bright Chrome (BC)

A highly polished mirror finish, on a solid brass product that is durable and hard wearing in most environments.

Antique Bronze (AB)

Often referred to as an oiled rubbed bronze this dark (brown, almost black) finish has more depth and dimension than a standard black. Plated on a solid brass, this finish is lightly oiled for protection during transit and installation. Considered a living finish it is meant to patina and change with use.

Nickel Plated (NP)

A brushed nickel plate on a solid brass surface. As Nickel is a soft and less durable metal coating ours is finished with a baked enamel lacquer that offers a lux sheen and increased durability.

Satin Chrome (SC)

A brushed satin chrome plate is a non-shiny, muted finish on top of a solid brass surface. Like bright chrome this is considered a hard-wearing finish that is suited to most environments.

Custom finishes

Unlacquered Brass (ULB)

A shiny, mirrored finish on a solid brass surface that has not been coated with a lacquer. As an unlacquered surface, this living finish is intended to oxidise and patina over time.

Aged Brass (AGB)

A solid brass surface that is chemically treated and patinaed by hand. Predominantly matte in appearance with a softness in its finishing this un-lacquered living finish is intended to oxidise and patina naturally over time.

Satin Brass (SB)

A satinised treatment of a solid brass product, that is un-lacquered and intended to patina and oxide with use. The yellowness of traditional polished brass is softened dramatically by the lightly brushed sateen nature of this treatment.

Powder Coat Black (PCB)

Powder-coated finishes (assorted) - a dry powdered coating available in assorted colours that is cured with heat and applied to a solid brass product. The resulting finish is uniform and is delicate in nature.