We recommend removing all door hardware before painting, sealing or preparing your doors.

The use of any chemicals, adhesives, or tapes of any kind on these fittings will likely cause damage The slotted head wood screws supplied, are to be used with a hand screw driver only.

Our Antique Bronze finish is an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish. Pieces may present an oily residue upon opening. Simply wipe each piece with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil.

Please refer to www.dominobrass.com for more information on care for your hardware.


Warranties, Disclaimers and Liability Limitations

Protective Coatings
Protective coatings, such as clear lacquer, were originally intended to give shelf life to the fittings. Modern improved lacquers give protection for some time during use but are subject to deterioration and discoloration depending on the atmosphere to which fittings are exposed. As opposed to commonly used “air-drying” lacquer, we use the best available baked-enamel lacquering process. However sea/air pollution, perfumes, soaps and a damp atmosphere may affect any lacquer.

Discoloration and deterioration in finish should not be viewed as a defect, but rather a normal and un-avoidable process. Lacquer coatings, therefore, can not be guaranteed nor claims accepted in this regard. Damage caused to metal finishes by acids whilst cleaning brickwork etc. or by paints, solvents and chemicals while painting doors etc. can be readily identified as such. We can not warrant claims where this has occurred. Please ensure that fittings are adequately protected during construction. It is recommended that door fittings be removed prior to the application of paint, varnish or other forms of protective coatings to doors and surrounding areas.

The life of lacquer may be greatly extended by regular application of any premium quality wax polish such as “Mr. Sheen”. We strongly recommend such sensible maintenance. Should an item require re-lacquering, all traces of old lacquer must be first removed with acetone or lacquer thinners and items re-polished and re-lacquered with clear lacquers. Avoid use of caustic strippers which may corrode Brass.

Non defective goods, returned for reasons such as, change of mind, may be returned for credit. A handling fee will apply. Goods which have been customised to a customers specifications are customised for your unique application, and are there for not returnable.

Plated Finishes
A selected range of products are available in plated finishes such as Antique Bronze, Bright Chrome, Satin Chrome and Nickel Plated/Stainless Steel finish. For larger requirements, we can offer fittings in other finishes including powder coated colours. When selecting a finish, it is important that climatic conditions and usage be taken into consideration as some finishes are susceptible to deterioration as a result of exposure to corrosive vapors, coastal air, humidity, salt spray, steam, pollution etc. For these reasons plated finishes can not be guaranteed nor replaced.

Antique Bronze finish – superficial variations
Domino fittings in the antique Bronze finish are made from solid Brass castings or extruded sections. Antique Bronzing is a plating process. Brass fittings – with required surface finish and preparation – are first plated in copper and then plated in a chemical solution to give the desired rustic appearance. The resulting finish can therefore vary in colour from dark black to deep brown and an assortment of shades of colours in between including purple and deep blue.

Therefore when you buy antique bronze fittings, the appearance can and, indeed, will vary from batch to batch and even from piece to piece. With exposure to atmosphere – the ageing process – over a period of a few months, these superficial variations in tints disappear – leaving behind a beautiful rustic antique appearance. Demanding a uniform colour/appearance on all individual fittings will be akin to demanding a number of natural timber pieces with identical grain pattern which can not be guaranteed.

Our antique bronze fittings are supplied in an un-lacquered condition with minimal highlighting (exposed Copper). Judicious (gentle) use of fine steel wool or “scotch-brite” type scourers enables the user to further highlight the fittings – in minutes – to suit individual taste.

As-cast surface areas
The intricacies of many ornate designs pose problems in the polishing of every nook and cranny of the castings. We hand cast these fittings in smaller batches. We exceed the limits of commercially produced castings. Where possible, we even scrape castings with fine tools to obtain the finest finish. Some areas, however, are bound to retain as-cast finish. This must be accepted as a limitation of the design and casting process itself. You, the buyer, have a choice. Accept the mass produced, cheap, sheet metal copies with washed-out designs, in glossy finish, restricted to limited designs available at every corner shop or, select freely from a range of finer-than-the-original reproductions in solid Brass castings.

We provide a 5-year warranty against mechanical defects for our entire range of fittings for domestic applications. Domino Brass reserve the right to replace or repair the goods found to be faulty in material or manufacture. For the reasons mentioned above, this warranty obviously can not be extended to lacquering and finishes.

Non-standard Fittings
The text accompanying respective images indicates our standard range of fittings. We can assemble/alter/manufacture/plate fittings to your specifications. Such fittings will be deemed to be non-standard. Non-standard fittings are not returnable.

We seek to improve continuously. We reserve the right to make product modifications. Please check on current product design and specifications prior to purchase.

All measurements indicate maximum dimensions. Unless otherwise mentioned, all dimensions are shown in millimeters. As items are hand finished, sizes may vary within standard manufacturing tolerances.

No part of this site may be reproduced by any means – electronic, graphic and mechanical included – without the specific written permission of Domino Brass Fittings.